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Shandong daguan of biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. Covers an area of about 200 acres, a total investment of 260 million yuan, the registered capital of 100 million yuan, 180 employees, in July 2014 to achieve pilot production projects. The main products of the project are 25,000 tons / year polymer additive, with annual sales income of RMB 950 million and profit and tax of RMB 150 million.
2011 in Linyi in Shandong Lingang Economic Development Zone was established. The use of Shandong’s energy, market and local logistics transportation and other advantages in the production and operation of antioxidants. The construction project adopts the domestic mature process route. The process design is optimized by the domestic famous Grade A chemical engineering design institute. Based on the original manual gap operation, the DCS distributed control system is adopted to realize automatic and continuous control, Improve the security performance of the system. Between the products to do the middle of materials, with products to each other to use, comprehensive recycling of resources, the entire production process to achieve non-process wastewater discharge. Through the design, to achieve the lowest consumption of products, the best quality, safety and environmental protection the most reliable requirements, to the highest level of domestic technology.

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